The best Egyptian Superior Grapes are ready to be exported to all over the world by Pyramids Agriculture.

Pyramids Agriculture is supplying Egyptian Fresh Produce, that one of the most fame items Pyramids Agriculture is exporting to many destinations is Grapes, as early as existing for Superior Vary which starts at the first of May in Egypt with reasonable Brix level, and Egyptian Superior Varies comes sweeter while passing of middle of May, and in June is the sweetest vary along to Flame.
Pyramids Agriculture is exporting the first crop of Fresh Superior Grapes by Air shipment, while it can’t be strong for Sea shipment.

  • HS Code: 080610
  • Product: Egyptian Grapes
  • Variety: Superior “White Grapes-Seedless”
  • Color: White “Green”.
  • Brix: 16+
  • Sizes: 16-22
  • Packing:
    – Plastic bag Carton:
    5 Kg N.W Carton contains 10 plastic bags X 500 Gm.
    3400 Carton / 20 Pallets – Each Pallet 170 Cartons
    – Punnet Carton:
    5 kg N.W Carton contains 10 punnets X 500 Gm.
    3600 Carton / 20 Pallets – Each Pallet 180 Cartons
  • Availability: May till August
  • Shipping: Reefer Container & Air shipment.