Fresh Egyptian Minneola, ready for export by Pyramids Agriculture.

Minneolas are around three to three and a half inches in diameter. They are round but have a large pronounced neck at the stem end. The rind is red-orange, mostly smooth, and easy to peel since it is relatively thin. The flesh is orange and has few seeds, although some fruits have many seeds. The ten to twelve segments inside contain flesh that is both sweet and tart, and juicy and rich in flavor.

  • HS Code: 080590.
  • Product Name: Egyptian Minneola.
  • Package:
    15 KG N.W.-16 KG G.W. Standard carton.
    15 Kg –  Open Top Carton.
  • Availability: Minneola season is from fall into early spring.
  • Shipping: Sea Shipment.
  • port: Port Said – Alex.
  • Brand Name: Egy taste.