About Pyramids Agriculture
Pyramids Agriculture is an Egyptian based company which is specialized in farming and exporting the national citrus, fruits with lots of concerns towards quality directions that sustain desired quality the way the clients want, we always look forward for a positive experience of co-operating. Since 2000 we have been working to help the clients get what they need faster, easier and guaranteed quality as we are supporting the biggest citrus warehouses in Egypt with 50-60 tons per season is provided and covering more than 8000 acre with a special postharvest treatment. Surely the quality is a big concern so dealing with a specific quality procedures with professional Quality Engineering monitoring all the phases makes us sure of the quality provided and also our team are working hand by hand as we do believe in the importance of team work and the results they would achieve. Pyramids offer 4 services that can reflect our exposure which are:
1-Fixed Price Deal that gives you the chance to deal on a specific quantity with a specific price with no change.
2-Weekly Varied Standards that is created for a weekly supply module, a specific quantity with the price of the week itself.
3-Full Container Preparation with no need to worry about the steps needed, Pyramids got your back!
4-Exporting Deals in which you can have a perfect quality with a bargain price alongside choosing any of the above 3 services.